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What is the Prostate Cancer Advisory Council?

The State of Florida Prostate Cancer Advisory Council (PCAC) is a collaborative, multi-institutional and inter-disciplinary advisory body that has been charged by the Florida Legislature, through an amendment to Florida Statute Section 381.911, to establish a communication platform that will create systemic synergy between the prostate cancer stakeholders within the state and serve as an informational resource that acquires, validates and disseminates prostate cancer information; thus, facilitating knowledgeable decision making for patients, advocates, care providers, insurers and elected officials.

PCAC Legislature Recommendations

  1. Work with the Florida Cancer Data System to determine the extent of the information currently available for prostate cancer decision-making.

  2. Develop the funding streams required to support prostate cancer-based projects that will enhance the information available for health and advocacy related decisions and improve the efficacy and reduce the aggregate costs associated with variable care delivery.

  3. Investigate the value of becoming a Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) reporting State.

  4. Establish a mechanism to validate the prostate cancer information that is provided to Floridians (educational material, evidence-based treatment information, incidence, disparities, etc…).

  5. Work with the Regional Cancer Control Collaboratives and the Florida Cancer Control & Research Advisory Program and request that these existing infrastructures be a conduit to disseminate validated prostate cancer information throughout the State.

  6. Create a web-based communication platform that is recognized as the trusted source for prostate cancer information within the State.

Mission Statement

To be the reliable source of prostate cancer information that is accessible to patients, advocates, physicians, care providers, researchers, and Florida's governing officials.

Information for:
Patients, Family Members, and Advocates
Physicians and Care Providers
Policy Makers

Our Vision

To improve the outcomes and reduce the ethnic/racial disparities related to prostate cancer.

The Florida Prostate Cancer Atlas 2014

Understanding patterns of care, variation and disparities are critical initial steps in assessing areas of need, and may help not only to better quantify variation in care, but also to aid in defining factors related to potential health disparities and in identifying at-risk populations where targeted interventions may yield mortality reduction. Since there is little known about how prostate cancer is treated in Florida, how variable care is, or to what extent variation in prostate cancer treatment contributes to health disparities, mapping how prostate cancer is treated in Florida through a Florida Prostate Cancer Atlas may move these goals forward. These objectives were the genesis of the Florida Prostate Cancer Atlas Project. For more information and to view these findings, Click Here.