Prostate Cancer System of Care

On August 13, 2012, Members of the Florida Prostate Cancer Advisory Council met with State Surgeon General John Armstrong. The productive meeting concluded with Dr. Armstrong requesting a list of prostate cancer research priorities for the State of Florida and he challenged the Council to create an integrated system of prostate health and prostate care that is supported through informed-decision making. Traditionally, there have been only “guidelines” for prostate cancer care, and the challenge will require the Council to bridge the treatment and political gaps for the betterment of Floridian men.

The State Surgeon General’s request was discussed by the members of the Council and was enthusiastically supported by the multi-disciplinary group of healthcare professionals. To aid in the informed decision making, the Florida Prostate Cancer Advisory Council will conduct a pan-Florida prostate cancer symposium that brings physicians, researchers, community leaders, prostate cancer survivors, and prostate cancer advocates together to highlight recent advances in prostate cancer research, clinical trials, and best practices used for the prevention of prostate cancer and to promote strategies for successful rural and urban outreach, community education, and increased awareness. Note – The foundation for creating the integrated system of care for prostate cancer will be undertaken and is detailed under the plan of work for 2013.