State Surgeon General Charge to the Prostate Cancer Advisory Council

September 4, 2012

Johannes Vieweg, MD, FACS
Department of Urology, Chairman College of Medicine
University of Florida Post Office Box 100247
1600 SW Archer Road, Suite N2-216 Gainesville, FL 32610

Dear Johannes,

It was a pleasure to see you again , and to meet Tom, Paul, and Jim on Monday, August 13 to discuss the Florida Prostate Cancer Advisory Council. I am impressed with the Council members’ expertise and diverse perspectives and will look to you for advisement and key messaging on prostate cancer screening , diagnosis, and treatment for Floridians.

To review, we discussed and agreed that the Council could provide guidance and leadership for Florida in developing an integrated system for prostate health and cancer care by defining the standards for prostate cancer care and providing informed decision-making suppo rt.

I am committed to promoting prostate cancer research in Florida. Using existing statewide cancer networks as a model, I would support the creation of a network specific to prostate cancer which sets measurable goals to track progress. We all agree that this is an area in need of advanced study that leverages the state ‘s collective prostate cancer expertise and resources in order to promote men’s health.

I would ask the Council to develop a research agenda with goals and a timeframe to accomplish these efforts.

On behalf of the citizens of Florida thank you for your efforts and for sharing in our joint mission to improve health outcomes especially in the area of prostate cancer control.


John H. Armtrong, MD
Surgeon General and Secretary of Health

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